Sikkens & Structures Paint Products

Sikkens & Structures are both very high quality paint products.  Sikkens is used in 4 areas; Log homes, Exterior wood finishes, Interior Wood, and Decks.  Sikkens has a product designed specifically for the use on log homes and is a perfect way to protect your beautiful wood.  Exterior finishes made by Sikkens vary from translucent coatings to semi-transparent to solid coatings giving you a wide variety of options.  The Sikkens deck products also include coatings products ranging from translucent to solid coatings.  Sikkens Interior products are a necessity because it protects your wood from dirt, dust, and fading from the sun.  The use of these products are quite a bit more expensive then regular paint, and they also require more labor (usually a three coat process).


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